March 9, 2012, at 8:49 pm

A Bristol Revelation

Revelation Rockers Bristol Archive Recordings, the label behind the highly regarded (and rightly so) Bristol Reggae Explosion compilations, return to reggae once again with Jah Praises a five track vinyl and download release from Revelation Rockers, the group that went on to be one of Bristol’s finest reggae bands, Talisman.

Jah Praises

As Revelation Rockers the band only ever laid down five tracks, never released before they are presented here in their entirety. The relative lack of tracks is compensated by the fact that all of these are extended versions clocking in at between five and seven minutes. The route from Revelation Rockers to Talisman is clear on these recordings with the only significant differences being the sparser production and the fact that they refined their song writing skills in later years.

When Your Away

This is no newly discovered masterpiece, but as a document detailing the evolution of Talisman and the UK’s home grown reggae scene this is fine, mighty fine.

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