January 10, 2012, at 7:23 pm

2 twelves from Kiddus I part 2

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with reissues coming out, not that this is a bad thing…

A week or so ago I mentioned that Dub Store had reissued a couple of 12″ singles from Frank Dowding AKA Kiddus I in December. Well a few days later they’re back with two more.

  • Kiddus I – Fire Burn/Fire Burn Version
    Fire Burn was previously released on Dub Stores LP/CD Rockers: Graduation In Zion 1978-1979 but this is an extended version clocking in at 9 minutes on the a side.
  • Kiddus I – Give I Strength/Give I Strength Version
    This is apparently a different version of the tune that appeared on the above mentioned LP/CD, the a side is 12 minutes long.

These are released on 10 January. You won’t get much change from £20.00 if buying them from the UK/Europe but quality wise you won’t see much better.

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