June 12, 2011, at 10:19 am

Two from DKR

OK it’s official, I can’t keep up with the flood of releases from New York’s Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge records. The latest offerings include a couple of digital 12″s on the Tasha label and another selection of Channel One productions on 10″.

The two Tasha releases:

  • Wayne Smith – Dancing Machine/Version//Gilly Buchanan – Me No Mix/Version

    Dancing Machine

    Me No Mix

    Two great cuts on one rhythm both originally released on 12″; the Wayne Smith on Tonos and the Gilly Buchanan on Toe, both originals have been making £100+ on ebay for sometime.

  • Patrick Andy – Ain’t No Me//Wayne Smith – Rain From the Sky/Version

    Ain’t No Me

    Rain From the Sky

    Ain’t No Me was on the flip of Me No Mix on Toe Records. I’m not sure if Rain From The Sky ever came out on single release but it was on the Tonos All Star Collection LP.

and on Channel One 10″:

  • Patrick Andy – Don’t Worry Yourself/Version//Patrick Andy – Leave the Door/Version

    Don’t Worry Yourself

    Leave the Door

    Don’t Worry Yourself came out circa 1984 on Hitbound where as Leave The Door was on the flip side of Dancing Machine released on Tonos 12″ (see above).

  • Barry Brown – No No No/Version

    No No No


    Previously only on dubplate this used the rhythm from Dandy Lion’s The Vibes to great effect.

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