April 12, 2011, at 7:46 pm

Trojan's Easy Come Easy Go

Easy Come Easy Go - PioneersTrojan’s latest limited edition 7″ offering is a double sider of unreleased tracks; from the Pioneers an early take on their hit Easy Come Easy Go backed by Derrick Morgan & Desmond Dekker with Mercy Mercy packaged together on a Doctor Bird repro label.

Pioneers -Easy Come Easy Go (Doctor Bird 2011)

The story is that this cut of Easy Come Easy Go was recorded by the Pioneers in their first session for Lesley Kong after leaving Joe Gibbs in June 1968. This version with a slower rocksteady beat was unreleased until now, Lesley Kong had them do-over the song on a more up to the moment reggae backing a few months later and this was the cut that he released and was a big hit for the band.

Pioneers – Easy Come Easy Go (original 1968 issue)

The original Jamaican issue on Beverley'sThis hit must have upset Joe Gibbs because he had The Royals do their own version with adapted lyrics called Never See Come See.

The Royals – Never See Come See (Joe Gibbs)

The tune caught Coxsone’s eye as well and he had the Freedom Singers (apparently the Righteous Flames on this recording) cover it too.

Freedom Singers – Easy Come Easy Go (CS Dodd)

The flip side of the new Doctor Bird issue is a cover of Don Covay’s R&B hit Mercy Mercy by Derrick Morgan and Desmond Dekker.

Derrick Morgan & Desmond Dekker – Mercy Mercy

Retailing at £8 from Trojan (with free shipping to the UK) this is a little steep but the quality of the press is excellent and as usual comes with a replica of the early 70’s printed sleeve. It’s great to hear an unreleased version of this classic tune though I have to say when I first heard it I thought is might be a more recent production that the claimed ’68 vintage. But this is a quality recording and is bound to be popular, there are only 400 copies being pressed so get it while you can.

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