April 26, 2011, at 1:58 pm

Studio One – Rocka Shaka V's Dubstore

The two foremost reissue labels in Japan seem to be at each others throats about a recent Studio One reissue from Rock A Shacka.

The release in question is a lovely 7″ of the classic Skatalites tune Freedom Sound backed by Every Body by Norma Fraser on a replica C & N label. This is the first time for Freedom Sound on 7″.

Dubstore have released a statement accusing Rock A Shacka of releasing this single without proper authorisation and saying they are the official distributor for Studio One in Japan. Tommy from Rocka Shacka has said on his facebook page that the accusation is untrue and is based on jealousy at Rock A Shacka’s success.

There was a dispute between Clement Dodd Jr and Carol Dodd that went to court last year and there was an injunction forbidding either party from licensing any material but this was supposed to have been settled so it’s not clear what the current situation is.

Update 27 April 2011 @ 1.30pm BST

It appears this may be grounded in the family dispute between Coxsones siblings Clement Dodd Jr and Carol Dodd. I’ve spoken to Tommy Rocka Shacka today and he assures me that they had properly licenced this release through Clement Dodd Junior. Masa from the company is currently in Jamaica and has posted some photographs of himself and Clement Jr on his facebook page.

In May of last year the Gleaner reported that a long running dispute between Clement Jr and his stepmother Norma and sister Carol had been resolved in Clement Jr’s favour link.

Carol Dodd posted a message on Tommy Rocka Shacka’s Facebook page today saying: “Where is the paper work granting you any rights to release Studio One products. If this post is removed then you all know they are BOOTLEGGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………………….”

I’m trying to get a comment from Carol concerning who she believes has the legal rights to licence the Studio One catalogue and will update if there is a response.

3 comments to Studio One – Rocka Shaka V's Dubstore

  • Freedom Ska is an entirely different tune from Freedom Sounds and a Randy’s production of McCook & The Skatalites.

    Freedom Sounds is a Tommy McCook composition, credited to him on original release, on first Ska Authentic V/A LP. So whence Roland?

    May be replica C & N label but not replicating or re-issuing an original release. Everybody was paired with “Heartaches”, also by Norma.

  • Tim P

    Thanks Brian. I wrote that in a rush and didn’t check it properly – the error is corrected.

  • Al Kaatz

    Regarding the Norma Fraser tune “Heartaches”, the pairing on the original JA Studio One label was with the flip side being the Righteous Flames “You Don’t Know”. The ska “Everybody” was recorded earlier…

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