April 26, 2011, at 1:35 pm

Ska from the Dubstore

KentoneIt’s been relatively well known for sometime that Dubstore in Japan had licenced material from Ken Khouri of Federal Records fame. Finally there are some really exciting vinyl releases as a result of this agreement. Five 7″ singles on replica Kentone labels, all either stupidly rare on original vinyl or previously unreleased:

  • Ernest Ranglin & Selected Group – Free Form/Skalvouvia
    Free Form is a killer tune that goes for stupid money on ebay.
    Free Form
  • Sharks – You Made Me Warm/You Made Me Warm
    The A side is a previously unreleased accoustic version.
    You Made Me Warm (accoustic)
  • Eric Monty Morris – Blackman Ska/Eric Monty Morris – A Spot In My Heart For You
    Both sides unreleased, serious subject matter from Eric Morris.
    Blackman Ska
  • Kentone

  • Monarchs & Drumbago All Stars – All Of Me/Sneer Towners – You Say Me Say
    The B sides is apparently previously unreleased.
    All Of Me
  • Stranger & Patsy (Backed by The Skatalites) – Word Is Wind/Dobby Dobson – Cry Another Cry
    Both tracks were previously released/re-released on the Jamaican Skarama LP
    Word Is Wind

Dubstore releases tend to be a little expensive but they are beautifully presented and top quality in every way, no poor quality pressings or worn out masters here. As it’s a case of you get what you pay for you’d better start saving – next month see’s the reissue of a whole heap of Merritone rocksteady sevens, a total of 40 are promised!

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  • Sir Mango

    The Kentone 7″ are great – Sharks is my favorite of those 5. Do you know more about the Merritone singles – will there be a reissue of The Minstrels “So weary”?

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