November 19, 2011, at 5:30 pm

Rocksteady Pressure

Little Things - Hemsley Morris - Pressure SoundsFour quality rocksteady 7″ reissues are available from Pressure Sounds right now. These releases of Phil Pratt produced sides on repro Caltone labels were announced several months ago but were hit by production problems and have only just become available. It was well worth the wait though, the music is superb, the presentation excellent and at only £4 to £5 a pop are bit of a bargain in this day and age.

  • PSS047 Black Mans Country – Horace Hinds/Time Is Getting Harder – Peter Austin
  • PSS048 Little Things – Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt/Bigger Things – Tommy McCook
  • PSS049 Love Is Strange – Hemsley Morris/No One to Give Me Love – Larry & Alvin
  • PSS050 Sweet Song For My Baby – Phil Pratt/What Kind Of Man – The Cool Cats

These side were all issued on the Pressure Sounds CD Safe Travel:The Rare Side Of Rocksteady around five years ago but this will be the first appearance on single for quite some time, if at all since the 60’s, for many of these sides. Even Little Things, which has seen fairly regular reissue over the years has the quite superb, and not to be missed, horns cut Bigger Things on the flip. Lovely stuff all round.

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