January 29, 2011, at 10:59 am

Remembering Mr Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs - Night NurseNo passing was felt more keenly in the reggae world in 2010 that that of Gregory Isaacs. Though always a giant, the outpouring of tributes on radio and the web reminded many of his huge back catalogue and the enormous contibution he made to the music.

Posthumous compilations can always be seen in two different lights; cynical cash in or tribute to a great talent. The new Spectrum/Universal double CD will be seen as both by different people but few will dispute the quality of the music it contains. A nice coincidence is that both Trojan and Island records are now owned by the Universal corporation, regardless of if this is good for the music business (or what’s left of it!) it does mean that compiler Laurence Cane-Honeysett had access to both catalogues when selecting the tracklisting, it unlikely this would have been possible previously.

There are plenty of serious omissions from the release, it would be impossible to do full justice to a talent like Gregory’s in the 38 tracks you’ll find here, but this contains more than enough highlights and the inclusion of a number of 12″ versions brings welcome variety and that little bit extra to this release. Mr Isaacs we salute you.

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