March 22, 2011, at 1:25 pm

Nitty Gritty showcase and a Willie Williams twelve

This blog doesn’t really favour late 80’s sounds over 60’s or 70’s music but it just so happens that the amount of quality late 80’s dancehall and digital stuff coming out these days is just phenomenal. So forgive me if that’s a common preoccupation at the moment.

Nitty GrittyHere comes Dug Out records with another mighty fine LP and 12″ from the Black Victory camp. First up is Nitty Gritty’s showcase LP; General Penitentiary, available now on LP and CD. Six tracks and six versions:

General Penitentiary
Penitentiary Dub
Can’t Test Me
Test Me Dub
Tell Me Whata Gwann
Gwann Dub
Under The Moonlight
Moonlight Dub

And on 12″ vinyl Willie Williams – Sweet Home//Version/Colarman – Budget.

Dancecrasher says you need to buy the LP and the 12″.

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