May 9, 2011, at 2:04 pm

More Studio First

Studio One mixAway from the controversy and on with the music. I don’t think this is new but I just heard this mighty fine Studio One mix at by Selecta Perilous.

No tracklist before anyone asks!


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  • PappaDave

    Soul Bros. – One Stop
    Sound Dimension – Love Land
    Sound DImension – Jamaica Bag
    Tommy McCook – Caltone Special
    Tommy McCook – Sweet Lorna
    Ansil Collins Meets The Observer – In Bound Train
    Desmond Dekker – Foo Man Chu
    Noel & The Fire Bells – Reggae Rub
    Karl Bryan – Red Ash
    Roland Alphonso – Charade
    Bumps Jackson – Funky In Jamaica
    Tommy & The Upsetters – Lock Jaw
    Jackie Mittoo – Melody Maker
    Otis Gayle – I’ll Be Around
    Blooblo – Loose Baby Love
    Hopeton Lewis – Sounds & Pressure
    Freedom Singers – Give Peace A Chance
    Nairobi Sisters – Promised Land
    Derrick & The Chariot Riders – Float On

    Here’s the play-list,for those wondering.

  • Prince

    Not strictly Studio One is it?
    Check this one out, strictly rocksteady and early reggae from Coxsone, presented by King Stitt:

  • Tim P

    Err Papa Dave I don’t know where that tracklist came from but it’s not for this mix.

    Prince – thanks I’ll check that soon.

  • Mark H

    Tim, if you follow your link to the soforito site the latest mix is a ‘funky reggae’ one with the track list above.

    a shame as there’s a few on the prilous one i’d like to ID (and one i don’t think i can live without…)

  • Tim P

    Thanks Mark I thought I was going mad for a minute… The direct link for the Perilous mix is still no tracklist though!

  • Prince Andrew

    Anyone know the name of the last track in this mix and who does it? Thanks in advance and thanks for bringing this mix to our attention Dancecrasher crew.

  • Sam

    Big selections Perilous! I will ask him about the name of that last track Andrew…

  • Prince Andrew

    Bless, thanks Sam

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