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Merritone Masterpieces « DanceCrasher

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      July 13, 2011, at 10:28 pm

      Merritone Masterpieces

      Joe Higgs - You Hurt My SoulThe third selection of Merritone 7″ reissues from Dubstore have just been announced and once again there are some real gems here. There is nothing previously unreleased in this bunch but with hard to find classics like Joe Higgs – You Hurt My Soul and Don Henry – As Long As I Live included no one will be complaining.

      • Gaylettes – Silent River Runs Deep / I Like Your World
      • Don Henry – As Long As I Live / Pulus – Sow To Reap
      • Tartans – Real Gone Sweet / It’s Not Right
      • Joe Higgs – You Hurt My Soul / Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Why Am I Treated So Bad?
      • Hopeton Lewis – Let Me Come On Home / Hardships Of Life

      As with all Dub Store releases you can expect to pay upwards of ten pounds each for these singles but if you shop around you’ll find on-line prices vary quite a lot. The presentation is excellent with lovely Federal printed paper sleeves and even a PVC cover to protect your expensive purchase.

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