November 12, 2011, at 6:28 pm

Lucky Sevens

Trojan Lucky Sevens boxset

Trojan have put out a number of quality releases this year, latest off the block and up there with the best of them is a box set of seven singles which are described with good reason as some of the most sought after releases on Trojan and it’s associated labels. All come with replicas of the original labels including classics such as Blue Cat, Amalgamated and off course Trojan itself.

Stir It Up

  • Blue Cat
    A. Way Of Life – Carl Bryan & Lyn Taitt’s Band
    B. I’m So Proud – Joe White with Glen Brown & Trevor
  • Amalgamated
    A. I Am The Upsetter – Lee Perry
    B. Thank You Baby – Lee Perry
  • Trojan
    A. Stir It Up – Bob Marley & The Wailers
    B. This Train – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  • Duke
    A. Left With A Broken Heart (AKA Man Next Door) – The Paragons
    B. Got To Get Away – The Paragons
  • Big Shot
    A. Chattie Chattie (AKA Glendevon Special) – Junior ‘Soul’ Murvin
    B. Magic Touch – Junior ‘Soul’ Murvin
  • Explosion
    A. Tighten Up Your Gird – Keith & Tex
    B. Look To The Sky (aka This Is My Song) – Keith & Tex
  • Grape
    A. Captain Hook – The Visions
    B. The Girl – The Visions

Whilst it would be possible to own these already on CD this box is aimed at the vinyl crowd. Music wise there is nothing much to argue about, with the possible exception of the Visions all the tracks here are absolute classics of the rocksteady or early reggae eras. Three of the recordings here; Way Of Life, I’m So Proud and Chattie Chattie have featured in the DanceCrasher 100 Best Rocksteady Tunes and several more would undoubtedly feature in any similar list for early reggae (but don’t worry we’ve no plans for that!).

Left With A Broken Heart

The quality of these is the same as on the recent limited edition 7″ single issues with heavy weight vinyl and excellent sound quality. Add a sheet of well written and informative sleeve notes and of course the box itself and you get a very well presented release . The only real negative is the cost which at £50 seems a little on the steep size though Trojan would no doubt argue that to buy all seven singles on original issue you’d have to pay more than ten times as much.

Look To The Sky

Trojan Lucky Sevens boxset

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  • Bottom line is that they cost about the same as they would as part of the limited edition singles series, but you get 7 at once intsead of wairing 7 months and you dont get to pay postage at £2 a 45 (In the UK at least) and as abonus get the box etc all thrown into the deal, how bad can it be and all on original, if you could find them all for sale mint ever it would be a mirace and even the sevn on decent copies wiould be over 20 times the price of the box set these days IMHO!

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