October 11, 2011, at 10:25 pm

Laurel on Moondust

Moondust RecordsTwo reissues of Laurel Aitken tracks from circa 1969 are available now on Moodust Records, a new label out of America.

  • Reggae 69/Big Fight In Hell Stadium
    Both sides of this were originally released on Pama’s Nu Beat label. Reggae 69 was on the flip of Suffering Still and Big Fight… was the reverse side of Lawd Doctor. Big Fight… was originally credited to Laurel Aitken and Girlie but this is Laurel on his own.
  • Skinhead Invasion (AKA Apollo 12)/Moon Rock
    Skinhead Invasion was first put out on a blank issue only Nu Beat single and Moon Rock was issued on Bamboo, again on a white label only.

Moondust have a strong 1969 skinhead aesthetic which runs through the music they are releasing, the retro label design that looks like something from the heyday of Trojan and Pama, right through to the old school push out centres on the singles (it seems like an age since singles were pressed like this). Alongside the Laurel Aitken re-issues they have released a series of singles from modern bands playing in a “skinhead reggae” style, though the best of these, People Need People by a band called the Irie Beats, sounds several years ahead of this self imposed retro period.

Moondust are promising more reissues in future alongside the new releases.

2 comments to Laurel on Moondust

  • laurie

    I don’t know where moon dust comes out of, but there was a third wave ska label out of new york in the nineties called moonska records. I believe it was run or funded by some of the Toasters. So I wonder if this is related, as the moonska label put out a fair bit of modern skinhead stuff at the time.

    Cheers and thanks for all the downloads from tighten up/trash and ready. Here in Canada we are seriously lacking.

  • THANKS for posting about the new Laurel stuff! Moon Ska Records was Bucket of The Toasters label. No relation at all except that one of my first releases of traditional Ska was the Laurel Aitken release on the label. and now I get to release something special with one of my heroes!

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