May 24, 2011, at 3:48 pm

JJ Rocksteady Pressure

KingstoniansA couple of big big rocksteady tunes from the JJ camp are currently out and about on repress 7″.

First up Put Down Your Fire by the Kingstonians. This is certainly one of their greatest rocksteady era tunes and has been fetching big money on auction sites for a long time now. Pressed on a replica JJ label and backed with No False Witness by the same group. Expect to pay around £4.00 for a copy.

Next up and for a higher price but still worth getting hold of The Rulers – Let My People Go. This first cut of Keith Wilson’s for Studio One masterpiece God I God I Say this made number 64 in the DanceCrasher 100 Greatest Rocksteady Tunes. Apparently limited to 300 pieces and in very high demand so even at around £12 you may struggle to get a copy already…

To the best of my knowledge these are both fully licenced and legitimate. For the Kingstonians and the Rulers try Enthucol (though don’t hold your breath for the Rulers) or for the Kingstonians only you can also check Reggae Fever.

3 comments to JJ Rocksteady Pressure

  • While I’d hope that these are “fully licenced and legitimate”, Phil Enthucol concedes that they’re sourced from vinyl.
    So, what’s best of knowledge?
    I have to wonder when label credits producer J. Johnson and Sir JJ was named Carl!

  • Afraid my allocation (Over half of the entire press) of the Rulers ‘Let My People Go’ sold out within a day of arriving, Kingstonians ‘Put Down Your Fire’ is still available as its a less limited press. More JJs thriller due in due course!

    Phil E

  • Brian, The Kingstonians ‘Put Down Your Fire’ is properly licensed, but I can not vouch for the Rulers 45 which surfaced from an undisclosed (to me at least) source in Central Europe

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