June 13, 2011, at 10:28 am

Enter Keith Hudson

Entering The Dragon - Keith HudsonThere were two sides to Keith Hudson’s musical career, his producing and his singing. Production wise he was top flight and he enjoyed considerable success from the late sixties well into the 70’s. As a singer he was at best an aquired taste and it’s no great surprise that he recorded only for himself and no other producer employed him for this “talent”.

Entering The Dragon

As such Entering The Dragon out on vinyl LP on Sunspot Records on the 20 June is something of a mixed bag. The title track, on a version of Rockfort Rock, and the instrumentals such as Man From Shooters Hill (on Riot) and War War (on Melody Maker) are all cracking tunes and the drum and bass workouts to some of the vocals are great too, it’s just for the most part the six vocal tracks are hard work.

War War

Entering The Dragon has been reissued a fair few times over the years, most recently by Trojan/Santuary in 2006, on that occasion as a 30 track CD. This issue (licenced from Trojan) takes us back to basics and the album returns to how it was originally conceived, 13 tracks that show both sides of the enigmatic genius that was Keith Hudson.

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