April 24, 2011, at 12:18 am

DRK Dub Irator Sevens

Scion SuccessIt’s hard to keep up with Deeper Knowledge/Digi Killer Records these days, only a couple of weeks after they released some nice Channel One 10″s including some unreleased tracks they are back with some Jah Life/Junjo Lawes 7″s, including again some previously unreleased tunes.

  • DKR-059 – Scion Success – Profile/Jah Life – Dub In The Area

  • DKR-060 – Scion Success – Can’t Wrong/Jah Life – Dub In The Area

  • DKR-061 – Sammy Levi – Automatic/Jah Life – Dub In The Area

  • DKR-062 – Tony Tuff – Dance In The Area/Music in The Area Dub

All four releases are on the Chanting rhythm, named after John Holt’s tune of the same name from his Police In Helicopter album.

John Holt – Chanting

The two from Scion Success and the Sammy Levi were previously unreleased except as dubplate.

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