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    February 2, 2011, at 9:36 am

    Barry Brown Triple

    Deeper Knowledge & DigiKillerMore essential stuff from New York’s Deeper Knowledge Records (AKA Digikiller). Three early 80’s Barry Brown tunes produced by Flabba Holt and release on a facsimilie Flabba label. Roots Radics dubs are all present and correct except for Physical Fitness, there is no dub of this but next versions of the Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin’ and War Monger dubs.

    These are out now and should be with stores/sellers soon.

    • DKR-034 Barry Brown – Physical Fitness b/w Roots Radics – Whip Them/Fighting Radics

    • DKR-035 Barry Brown – Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin’ b/w Roots Radics – Stop The Fighting

    • DKR-036 Barry Brown – War Monger b/w Roots Radics – Radical Style

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