October 30, 2011, at 2:42 pm

A Smash from the Ethiopians

EthiopiansA second issue from Trojan within weeks of the death of Leonard Dillon, however in fairness to the company this was announced some time before Leonard’s passing. This time round there is a limited edition vinyl 7″ single using the old Smash label design.

The two tracks; I’m Shocking and Sign The Cheque are from 1968 or 69 and are apparently self productions. I’m Shocking is a nice up tempo early reggae tune that was originally released on a blank pre-release only. The original release is extremely rare and would set you back a small fortune on ebay.

I’m Shocking

The other side, Sign The Cheque is apparently previously unreleased, the rhythm is great but the vocal does sound a bit unfinished, if the vocals sounded more complete this would be a killer tune.

Sign The Cheque

This release in on sale now from the Trojan web store.

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