August 4, 2011, at 10:07 pm

A Gem from Deadly Dragon

Danny Coxson - Mass OutOut now from Deadly Dragon a very nice and apparently previously unreleased cut on the Swing Easy rhythm, Mass Out by Danny Coxson (AKA Donovan McLeod AKA Ever Red) on a Gem Star 7″. All to often recently discovered unreleased tunes fail to live up to expectations and it’s all to clear why they weren’t released first time round, fortunately that’s not the case with this release which is a quality late 80’s offering.

Deadly Dragon tend to sell their reissues just through their shop and website so check the link if you want to buy. This release is limited to 500 pieces and if your buying take a look at their three other Gem Star sevens from earlier this year:

  • Danny Cosxon – Dem Nuh Ruff Like We/Version
  • Danny Coxson – Hustling/Version
  • Danny Coxson – President Botha/Version

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