December 27, 2011, at 12:16 am

5 roots from Deeper Knowledge

Devon Russell - Rat And BatIt’s not clear if they are completely done with 2011 yet as more releases are threatened, but just incase anyone still needed convincing with these five singles Deeper Knowledge/Digikiller have cemented their place as the foremost vinyl only reissue company of 2011.

Alphonso Bailey produced around 20 sides from the mid to late 70’s on the Globe International, World Champ, Afrajam and Freeslaves labels. Deeper Knowledge have selected five complete with dubs for re-issue, all come on reproductions of the labels they originally appeared on. There are some tough rhythms here including Conquering Lion and Fever.

  • Devon Russell – Rat And Bat/Version (Globe International label)

  • Bobby Ellis - TensionDevon Russell – Famine Time (Globe International label)

  • Milton Henry – Follow Fashion (Globe International label)

  • Bobby Ellis – Tension (Afrajam label)

  • Forces – That’s Not Right (Freeslaves label)

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