March 27, 2010, at 11:32 pm

A new Zion Gate

On DanceCrasher I rarely talk about brand new music that is coming out, there are two main reasons for this; firstly others better informed than me do it alot better, and secondly, really good stuff tends to be pretty rare these days.

One release that is good and looks like it’s going to be hard to ignore in coming months is the Zion Gate rhythm by King Jammy’s son and veteran producer in his own right John John.

The rhythm is named after Horace Andy’s tune for Bunny Lee, Zion Gate, though confusingly this isn’t usually called the Zion Gate rhythm as that name is usually associated with the Culture tune Zion Gate, a 70’s remake of Satsfaction by the Paragons. The new Zion Gate rhythm is more often called (Ain’t Got) No Love after the original Leroy Smart cut from 1977.

Confused? Don’t worry it’s not important, what matters is that this is a fine relick with some great performances. Pick of the bunch goes to Alboroise with the tour de force Rudies Don’t Fear though the Sizzla cut is also noteable as it’s quite simply one of the best things he’s done for quite some time.

Zion Gate is expected to be on sale on Itunes soon so if you like it forget the illegal downloads, do the decent thing and support the music by paying for it.

Horace Andy – Zion Gate (70’s)

Alborosie – Rudies Don’t Fear (2010)

Leroy Smart – No Love (70’s)

Sizzla – Music In My Soul (2010)

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