February 23, 2010, at 12:15 am

A Unity Trio

More digital reissues if you can keep up! Honest Jon’s come in with three 12″ of productions from the Unity record label. There has been alot of Unity stuff put out in recent years which is kind of strange being as you couldn’t give their non Jamaican issues away a few years ago. Still the revived interest is welcome and these tracks sound as good now as they ever did.

Honest Jons 12″s:

  • Kenny Knots – Watch How The People Dancing/Version/Dubplate Mix//Mikey Murka – We Try/Version
  • Selah Collins — Pick A Sound/Version//Errol Bellot — What A Wonderful Feeling
  • Richie Davis – Lean Boot/Version//Mikey Murka — Ride The Rhythm/Version

All of this stuff has been reissued before, except possibly the dubplate mix of the Kenny Knots, I’ve no idea if this is a new mix or an old one or if it’s seen issue before. At around £6.00 each they look to be decent value and we are promised top quality remastering and new sleeve designs (what was wrong with the old Unity die cut ones?).

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