May 30, 2010, at 4:53 am

Tubby's styles

A series of six seven inch re-issues of King Tubby digital productions have just come out on a facsimilie Waterhouse label:

  • Banana Man – Take A Lick/Version
  • Johnny Osbourne – Line Up/Version
  • Anthony Red Rose & King Kong – Follow Me No/Version
  • Anthony Red Rose & King Kong – Two Bad Bull/Version
  • Conroy Smith – Original Sound/Version

The source of these re-issues isn’t clear so I’ve no idea if they are legitimate or not however they look well done and have certainly chosen some tough tunes.

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  • Peter Dalton

    Does anyone know if these five tunes have ever appeared on .45 before? I’m only aware of the two by Anthony Red Rose & King Kong appearing on their “Two Big Bull In A One Pen” album, and the other three on “King Tubby Presents Soundclash Dub Plate Style”.

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