April 16, 2010, at 12:04 pm

The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #29

Chatty Chatty AKA Glendevon Special – Junior Soul (Derrick Harriott Production)
A second side from Junior Soul AKA Junior Murvin, real name Murvin Smith Junior, in the top 100 (see also Miss Cushie at number 78). Murvin cut something less than a dozen sides in the latter part of the 60’s, these recordings were made for two producers; Sonia Pottinger, and Derrick Harriot who released this tune. It was issued on a blank label pre-release only in Jamaica and on one of the earliest releases on the Big Shot label in the UK.

Glendevon is an area of Montego Bay but it’s nowhere near the old railway line so the “special” reference probably relates to another form of transport?

Chatty Chatty (as Glendevon Special) is available on the Jamaican Gold CD – From Chariot’s Vault: 16 Rock Steady Hits, Vol. 1. This CD is deleted but should still be available from some sellers.


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