June 13, 2010, at 2:56 pm

Sound System Scratch

Sound System Scratch - the T ShirtThe next CD/2 x LP release from Pressure Sounds is titled Sound System Scratch :Lee Perry’s Dub Plate Mixes 1973 To 1979. Due out on 31 August.

At the time of writing the only information on the Pressure Sounds website about this is a new T-shirt which apparently has the sleeve design on it (see right). This release seems all the more interesting as it doesn’t appear to be a straight re-issue of an old LP unless it’s something that has been retitled. More details soon come.

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  • Tim P

    Track list:

    1. Dread Dub Plate – Lee Perry
    2. Lama Lava Mix One – Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
    3. Groove Dubber – The Upsetters
    4. Groove Rider – The Upsetters
    5. Jucky Skank – The Upsetters
    6. Chim Cherie – The Upsetters
    7. The Rightful Organiser – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    8. Stagger – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    9. Big Neck Cut – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    10. Zeal Of The Lord – The Upsetters
    11. Dub Of The Lord – The Upsetters
    12. Returning Wax – The Upsetters
    13. Bush Dub Corntrash – Winston Wright & The Upsetters
    14. From Dub Four – Clive Hylton & The Upsetters
    15. Roots Train Number Two – Junior Murvin & The Upsetters
    16. Locks In The Dublight – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    17. Moonlight Version – The Upsetters
    18. Dub History – Carlton Jackson & The Upsetters
    19. Living Dub – Keith Rowe & The Upsetters

    Apparently this is made up of mixes made for sound systems, Pressure Sounds don’t explicitly say that these are old mixes so it will be interestig to see when these were done.

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