September 7, 2010, at 7:10 pm

Seven Days (in dub) on ebay

Blackboard Jungle DubI don’t usually worry too much about LP’s but an original copy of Blackboard Jungle Dub on ebay last week caught my interest. This is an extremely rare album and I wasn’t completely surprised to see it made a heafty £482 ($745.50). This is a serious wedge for any LP but doubly so for an album that never had a sleeve, with red marker pen defacing the label and described as between G+ and VG+. But the reality is an album like this was always going to reach astronomical prices; Blackboard Jungle Dub was reputedly only pressed in quantities of around 200 – 300 in 1973 and is frequntly identified as one of the first ever dup LP’s.

Perhaps not as legendary as Blackboard Jungle Dub but still very obscure, the Black Heat label dub LP went for a shocking £487 ($750). At first I thought this was a faker but there are three bidders over $650 so it looks legit, this shows the enduring appeal of dub LP’s.

The final notable dub LP that sold last week was 357 Magnum Dub by the Techniques All Stars, a Winston Riley & Carl Campbell production on the American C&W label. Demand for this LP appears to be rising with copies regularly breaking the £100 barrier, the “near mint” copy this week selling for a massive £191 ($290).

Reco In ReggaelandStepping back to the dawn of reggae and a couple of LP’s issued by Pama. Doreen Schaeffer’s – First Lady Of Reggae LP is one of the most indemand albums on the Pama label and has commanded more than £200 in the past. Perhaps the descripition and grading (VG+) wasn’t enough to covince the big money bidders as a copy sold for £86 ($133) this week which sounds like a bit of a bargain to me.

Rico’s Reco In Reggaeland LP, originally released in 1969 thought not quite as in demand as the Doreen Schaeffer LP remains one of the Pama LP’s that is still on many wants lists and quite hard to find. A very clean looking copy sold for £103.11 ($159) this week though it looks like Carlos (see last weeks feature) was the high bidder. Bidder number two offered £101 and number three £85 so the second bidder should expect a second chance offer in the region of £86.00. This is a reasonable price for an LP that can easily make in the region of £100 on a good day.

Back to the singles next week…

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