May 23, 2010, at 11:53 am

Reggae School

Thanks very much to Roliesoul for linking to these on the Pamaforum; the reggae episodes of the UK educational programme Rockschool from the early 80’s. These are pretty funny but also kind of good with contributions from Sly and Robbie and Dennis Bovell.

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  • muzzer

    OMG!! I remember this.A great way of avoiding “Nationwide” on BBC1 on a week night.It was on BBC2 at the same time.I’d just got into drumming,listening to Style,Carlie and Sly.This was an absolute god-send for me and my brother(who was learning bass).
    We talked endlessly about it at school.I found the book later on and still use the material when I teach basic Reggae styles to my drum students.
    The 3 presenters are still involved in music education.Dierdre writes pieces for the”Rock SChool” exam syllabus,Geoff writes for drum magazine “Rhythm” and Henry wrote a book on slap bass,that my brother studied from.

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