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      February 11, 2010, at 10:41 pm

      More from Witty – the Music Master

      After the feature on Gold Shop records the other day it seemed like a good time to put up this old Dancecrasher podcast mix of Whitfield Henry productions. This is dedicated to the Deadly Dragon crew who are currently in the UK and are guest selectas at Trash & Ready in London this coming Sunday.


      WittyNew York Life – Tonto Irie (Witty 12″)
      Particular Man – TC Rocker (Witty 12″)
      Version – Witty All Stars (Witty 12″)
      Man A Rush Me – Shelly Thunder (Music Master 7″)
      Baby Be Mine – Michael Levy (Music Master 7″)
      Boogie With Me – Ugly Man (Music Master 7″)
      Too Young – Robert French (Blue Mountain 12″)
      Younger Generation – Sluggy (Music Master 7″)
      When My Little Girl Is Smiling – Echo Minott & General Mikey (Music Master 7″)
      Jamaican Girl – Lyrical (Music Master 7″)
      Problem – Tonto Irie (Music Master 7″)
      Bangarang – Horace Andy (Rockers Plantation 12″)
      Bangarang Version – Witty’s All Stars (Rockers Plantation 12″)
      Catch A Fire – Tony Tuff (Music Master 7″)
      Kuff – Shelly Thunder (Music Master 7″)
      This Is My Letter – Colin Roach (Music Master 7″)
      Cherry – Gregory Isaacs (Music Master 7″)
      Original DJ Juggling – General Trees (Witty 12″)
      Mr Ruddy – Echo Minott & General Trees (Witty 12″)
      Been So Long – Echo Minott (Music Master 7″)
      Run Come – Sugar Minott (Hawkeye 12″)
      Run Come Stalag – Witty’s All Stars (Hawkeye 12″)

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