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Midnight Rockers « DanceCrasher

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February 6, 2010, at 9:08 pm

Midnight Rockers

Out now on Roots records is a compilation of early 80’s Jah Thomas productions most of which originally came out on Midnight Rock 12″s or 7″s or on Greensleeves 12″s. The productions of Jah Thomas are often overlooked when the days of classic dancehall are discussed, this CD shows that whilst Junjo may have been king Jah Thomas was no slouch.

Roots aren’t huge players on the reissue market but their stuff is always well presented and this release looks like it will keep up that tradition.

Midnight Rock

  1. Phillip Frazer – “Morning Mr Officer”
  2. Michael Palmer – “Robbery”
  3. Toyan – “Praise Him”
  4. Jah Thomas – “Midnight Blue”
  5. Early B – “Pedestrian”
  6. Phillip Frazer – “Them A Gun Man”
  7. Singie Singie – “Respect The Elder”
  8. Barry Brown – “Girlfriend”
  9. Al Campbell – “Dancehall Style”
  10. Anthony Johnson – “Loving A Woman”
  11. Triston Palmer – “Entertainment”
  12. Bobby Melody – “Ram The Session”
  13. Michael Palmer – “Ghetto Dance”
  14. Early B – “Read Up Your Bible”
  15. Jah Thomas & Toyan – “Black A Feh Me Beauty”
  16. Johnny Osbourne – “Bring The Sensie”

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