March 29, 2010, at 9:53 am

Jamdown DVD

Just spotted on the Blood & Fire message board. Jamdown, a reggae documentary by Emmanuel Bonn previously released in 1981 only in France is getting a DVD release later this year courtesy of Featuring The Congo’s, Toots Hibbert and more, the preview definitely looks interesting.

2 comments to Jamdown DVD

  • Dave

    i’ve been trying to get hold of this film for over 10yrs, i know many people will be pleased to see this released.

  • rueben

    nice film, worth it just to listen to the congos music which is a different cut to the Image of Africa album audio which was supposed to be the soundtrack, the audio in the film is just like another Heart of the Congos LP,same standards, AMAZING!! why didn’t they release this version as the LP i will never know. Congos are legendary……

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