February 15, 2010, at 11:11 pm

Dug Out V's Digikiller?

Digital reissues take an unusual turn this week with two labels re-issuing King Kong’s He Was A Friend/Try Not I at the same time. The two labels are Digikiller out of New York and a new London venture, Dug Out. This seems to be a collaboration as opposed to competition with the two labels dealing with the release on their respective sides of the Atlantic.

He Was A Friend/Try Not I was originally released in the UK on a 12″ on King Kong’s own Concious Music label, He Was A Friend was also released in Jamaica on a 7″ on Jah Almighty records. Both sides are great but this has always been a hard release to track down and copies of the original 12″ have sold for over £100 on ebay, as such this re-issue will be especially welcome.

He Was A Friend

Try Not I

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