April 26, 2010, at 10:10 pm

Digikiller and a non digi killer!

Two new 12″ reissues from New York’s Digikiller records have just hit the streets. One is a late 80’s scorcher in the fashion and style that they are known for but the other is a heavier than lead late 70’s/early 80’s roots killer.

  • Mankind – These Three Girls / Dub B/W Country Life / Dub (Mankind label)
    This is familiar territory for Digikiller with a quality late 80’s double sider from Sydney ‘Mankind’ Francis. These Three Girls is a great track.

    Mankind – These Three Girls

    Mankind – Country Life

  • Aksumites – Ark of the Covenant B/W Nigger Charlie – Covenant Rock (Thebes Sounds label)

    Recorded in New York and voiced at Channel One Ark Of The Covenant is nearly eight minutes long. Unsurprisingly the original of this goes for silly money these days.

    Aksumites – Ark of the Covenant

    Nigger Charlie – Covenant Rock

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