August 27, 2010, at 12:22 am

Deadlier Dragons And Gold Shots

The Deadley Dragon crew continue their exploration of New Yorks fabled Park Heights label with a couple of 7″s featuring a digital version of the Rockfort Rock rhythm.

These come direct from the master tapes and, of course, are fully licenced. Like all Deadly Dragon releases these are available exclusively from them and are strictly limited to 500 pieces. Deadly Dragon have put out a number of Park Heights sevens now and most are still available, including the mighty Sluggy Rank’s – Prejudice…

Meanwhile, and also on a digital tip, Gold Shop have just released five singles produced by Ossie Hibbert on the Ossie imprint:

These were issued back in the day on 12″ singles on various New York labels including Living Room, MCM, Barry U, Paradise and Ossie. Nearly all of them are seriously in demand tunes on original press.

All of the above are available online from the Deadly Dragon shop.

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