September 14, 2010, at 12:05 am

Bunny Lee's Rumours

Pressure Sounds are on a bit of a roll at the moment. No sooner have they finalised plans for a CD of rocksteady classics by the Uniques than they announce that their next project is three 7″ singles featuring Bunny Lee cuts of the Rumours rhythm from 1988.

PSS 037 Mr. Cop – Cornell Campbell/Version
PSS 038 Ease Up – Delroy Wilson/Version
PSS 039 Roots Of Zion – Vin Gordon/Lion Of Zion – Tony Asha

Bunny Lee release an LP featuring cuts of the Rumours rhythm called More Ideas 1988. The Vin Gordon, Tony Asha and Delroy Wilson cuts were all featured on this LP but the Cornell Campbell was only released on a Justice 7″. All three 7″ come in special picture sleeves and if Pressure Sounds keep to their usual standards will be on heavy duty vinyl. Release date is 18 October.

Cornell Campbell – Mr Cop (a copy with a little background noise – not taken from the PS release).

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