March 9, 2010, at 9:19 am

Analogue Jammy's

With all the talk of a Sleng Teng silver jubilee it would be easy to sideline the productions Lloyd James was responsible for prior to 1985. Well neglect at your peril – Jammy may not have been as prolific as some but in the late 70’s and early 80’s he was responsible for many truly great tunes.

The latest effort to present these for the discerning public is a double CD/LP effort (yes – and download!) from Greensleeves/VP as part of their Most Wanted series titled Jammy’s From The Roots (1977-1985). There will be plenty of familiar tunes here but even some of the obvious ones are not easily available at the moment so this release is definitely welcome. The only duplication of note is with some releases on the Pressue Sounds catalogue but there isn’t a huge amount and hopefully what there is will encourage further investigation and not put people off buying. Jammy’s From The Roots is released on 30 March.

Track list:
Jammy's on GreensleevesDisc 1
1. Fally Ranking – Johnny Osbourne
2. Tonight Is The Night To Unite – Black Uhuru
3. Give The People What They Want – Sugar Minott
4. Conscience Speaks – Black Crucial
5. Jah Ovah – Johnny Osbourne
6. Youth Man – Noel Phillips
7. Please Officer – Earl Zero
8. Pablo In Moonlight City – Augustus Pablo
9. Love Tickes Like Magic – Junior Delgado
10. Jah Will Be Burning – Hugh Mundell
11. It A Go Dread – Barry Brown
12. Time Is A Moment In Space – Wayne Smith
13. Jah Gave Us This World – Travellers
14. Natty Dread At The Controls – U Black
15. Name Of The Game – The Fantails
16. What A Great Day – Lacksley Castell
Disc 2
1. Mr. Marshall – Natural Vibes
3. Last Train To Africa – Prince Alla
4. Collie George – Frankie Jones
5. Willow Tree – Black Uhuru
6. Jah Do Love Us – The Jays
7. Higgler Move – Junior Reid
8. Liberation – Junior Delgado
9. One Big Ghetto – Half Pint
10. Foreign Mind – Frankie Paul
11. Africa We Want To Go – Dennis Brown
12. Children Of Israel – Frankie Paul
13. Boom-Shack-A-Lack – Junior Reid
14. Mr. Landlord – Half Pint
15. Do Good – Frankie Paul
16. They Fight I – Dennis Brown

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