February 10, 2010, at 12:23 pm

All that glitters must be… Gold Shop

Alongside the growing catalogue of 80’s re-releases by Deadly Dragon and the small but great Digikiller (both of which got a mention recently). There is a third New York outfit that are currently putting out late 80’s era vinyl and are slowly but surely building an impressive catalogue of releases. Gold Shop started off early last year with some 7″ from Phillip Smart and most recently have put out some fine singles on the Witty label.

Of all the labels mentioned above, Gold Shop are the ones with the strongest New York identity, all of their releases to date have some kind of New York link and for the most part were produced there.

Gold ShopEclipse records (Phillip Smart productions)

  • HCF-1007-7 Sammy Levi – Come Off The Road/Dub
  • HCF-1010-7 Lilly Melody – Bad In Bed/Cease Fire Selector
  • HCF-1021-7 Sammy Levi – Five Pound Box Of Dubs/Dub
  • HCF-1023-7 Nicodemus – Dollars Fi Spend/Dub
  • HCF-1024-7 Sammy Levi & Marshall One – Love Is The Message/Dub
  • HCF-1025-7 Major Danger – Know Fi Move/Dub
  • HCF-1024-7 Sammy Levi & Marshall One – Love Is The Message/Dub
  • HCF-1025-7 Major Danger – Know Fi Move/Dub

Part 2 records (Devon Garnett production)

Gold Shop - WittyAfrican Love records

  • ALM-7-001 Shinehead – Billy Jean/Mama Used To Say
  • ALM-7-010 Shinehead – Lady In My Life/Dub
  • ALM-7-011 Shinehead – Reprimand/Dub

Witty records (Whitfield Henry productions)

  • MM200 Little John – Cork Up Dancehall/Version
  • MM091 Little Kirk – I Don’t Know/Version
  • MM064 Echo Minott – Follow Me/Version
  • MM201 Nicodemus – Earth And Moon/Version
  • MM202 Al Campbell – Leave The Herbsman Business/Version
  • MM203 Tony Tuff – Cool it/Version

All of these are on 7″ vinyl and are limited editions (if you can call a thousand presses limited in this day and age). It would be worth adding that the Gold Shop website has some really nice content and isn’t all about publicising their own releases.

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  • Robert

    Hi Tim,
    Sorry to high-jack this thread but do you know if there’s any recordings of the Dancecrasher Tiny T & Professor Mark night a couple of weeks back, sounded a good night!!!
    Robert (Roliesoul)

  • Isa

    Hi, sorry to comment here, but, please please please, more posts of 100 greatest rocksteady tunes!!! 🙂 thanx! cheers from brasil! this site is extremelly good! 🙂

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