February 18, 2010, at 11:23 am

A nite called Trash & Ready

Here is the audio for Trash & Ready that took place at Catch in Shoreditch on 14 February. Trash And Ready is all about 80’s vibes with Digital sounds, early dancehall and live MC’s. Special guests selecta’s on the night were Queen Majesty and Scratch Famous from the mighty Deadly Dragon Sound out of New York. The MC’s you’ll hear were Champian, Professor Mark and Clappers Priest.

This was a wicked night from beginning to end so we recorded pretty much the whole thing, maximum respect to the Deadly Dragon Crew for some killer tunes and wicked vibes.

Part 1
or download
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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3 comments to A nite called Trash & Ready

  • Robert

    Hi Tim, Nice Nice session!!!!, do you have recording of the Tiny T Dancecrasher nite a few weeks back.

  • Prince Horror

    What kind of device do you use to record your sessios? I’ve used a lot of different gadgets but the sound quality is always a dissapointment..

  • Tim P

    Hi Robert – Thanks for asking. Yeah I’ve got a recording of the Tiny T dance. The mic didn’t come out but the rest is there, I’ll put it up for a download tomorrow.

    Prince Horror – The recordings are done to an old mini disc and then recorded to the computer in real time. They are recorded directly from the desk (not by mic) which means the quality is usually very good.

    Many thanks

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