August 8, 2010, at 10:42 pm

7 days on ebay

I thought it would be interesting to have a quick look at what’s been selling on ebay this last week. What was cheap, what definitely wasn’t and who got ripped off. It would be impossible to monitor every sale so if anything of note was missed then leave a comment.

Rock Sweet Rock - The WailersFirst up over recent months Bob Brooks of the legendary and much missed Reggae Revive store has been working with reggae author and former main man from Blood And Fire records, Steve Barrow, to sell off some of his old tunes. These have been regularly reaching premium prices, oftern alot more than the same items from other sellers have been. It’s hard to work out exactly why this happens but it’s probably connected largely with the cudos that Steve Barrow has. This week they hit paydirt once again with a very nice blank copy of Jerking Time/Rock Sweet Rock AKA Sweetest Rocker In Town by the Wailers. This is a classic late Ska Studio One cut from ’66 and is very hard to find. Though not mint it went for a hefty £387.77 which is a good £100-£150 more than most previous copies.

Silly season definitely came into play when another of Steve Barrows tunes, a UK GG’s release of GG All Stars – All One Nation/Val Bennet – Judgement Warrent went for just short of £69.00. Whilst it’s a fine tune that price is well over the top, £10-£15 would have been more sensible.

The seller jazzbo*123 from Essex should learn to grade his records if he doesn’t want to continue giving them away. He sold a couple of Island ska 45’s, Theo Beckford’s – You Are The One Girl and If Life Was A Thing for £5.00 each. Though neither are likely to set the world on fire they are nice enough tunes and would have surely reached a little higher if someone had known if they were buying a mint copy or a frisbee.

Around a year or two ago someone must have turned up a few boxes of shop stock copies of Addis Ababa by Delroy Wilson on UK Spur as mint copies have been on sale for a while now. This is a Keith Hudson production where Delroy does a deep roots take on House Of The Rising Sun. If that sounds corny then don’t worry as it’s a tough piece of tune. Probably because so many copies are hitting the market the price on these is pretty reasonable. Sellers were asking for £50 but a copy sold on ebay this week for £26.00 and one went for £12.00 not long ago, pick one up if you see it but watch what your paying.

Money Hungry - Eric MorrisSafe Travel – Phil Pratt/Larry Marshall – No One To Give Me Love continues to be one of the most indemand releases out of the Caltone camp and hardly surprising given as it’s such a wicked tune. That said, £107 for a copy that sold this week that the seller described as “fair – no center – hairline crack” is truly nuts.

If money was no object then my object of desire this week would have been the lovely little ska tune Money Hungry by Eric Morris a Prince Buster production issued on Dragons Breath on beautiful green vinyl. The G+ to VG- sounding copy that Earl Hayles sold went for just short of £100. I love it and I want it.


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  • Marni

    Very good idea to have someone in the know add some perspective and common sense into what sometimes seems as hysterical as the stock exchange. Mr Barrow can hardly complain about the prices Mr Brooks fetches for him..The Clifton Gibbs ‘Brimstone & Fire* he sold 2 weeks ago went for around 400 $. I bought a copy some months back for 60$, both EX+. Ease up people. The scent of Steve can’t be worth THAT much.

  • Tim P

    Hi Marni

    Yes, I wouldn’t begrudge Steve or Bob as they’ve both paid their dues and deserve a return – exactly why people would wish to bid significantly more for these tunes is still a mystery to me though. That said I’m not sure if Bob and Steve are the only sellers on ebay that attract consistently high prices in comparrison to everyone else but this is perhaps te most extreme example.

  • Donald Gregory

    It can be a mystery sometimes but there are certain records that I want that could be considered ‘gap fillers’ that are not neccessarily great records but I might be willing to pay a high price for that reason. Perhaps that is what happens here. All the best.

  • Dave Home

    An interesting look at some recent activity on Ebay. The good news is that there are still plenty of good value records to be found on Ebay.
    For example, I saw a very clean copy of Uhuru’s ‘Folk Song’ on Top Cat go for about £25 very recently. Not only is it a great record but it’s also really hard to find on the original Jamaican pressing. Someone got a bargain!

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