November 10, 2009, at 9:02 pm

The Olympic connection revisited

Sometimes these things happen I guess.

Around 18 months ago I was sent a sound sample by the very kind Daniel Kania, this was of Soul Message by Ed Parkins. A rocksteady tune on an Olympic pre release.
The suggestion was that this was the original cut of a couple of Keith Hudson tunes that seemed to have been on an old rocksteady rhythm; Allways (sic) by Al Brown
and the deejay cut Erotic Touch Of Hot Skin by Dennis Alcapone.
It was only around two weeks ago that I finally put Soul Message up on the site here and announced it all here. There are a couple of reasons why it took eighteen months to sort this out, one was that there was other stuff to be done and I never quite got it together, but more importantly though there were similarities with Hudson’s tunes the rhythm didn’t fit exactly and I was never 100% convinced.

Less than two weeks after I published, my good friend Bob Brooks mentioned on the Pama Forum message board that the original to the Hudson rhythm was a completely different Olympic recording, a tune called Dance With Me. Before he could sort out a sound sample the mighty Dave Russell came up with the goods. So here it is, it only came on a blank pre release so I’ve no idea who it’s by but without a shadow of a doubt it’s the same rhythm that Hudson used.

This is a real gem of a tune and the final part in the jigsaw of Hudson’s rocksteady recycling. It might have taken 18 months (or even 35 odd years!) but we got there in the end.

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