February 23, 2009, at 10:28 pm

New tunes

I’ve spent far too much time talking about old music recently, nothing wrong with that really but sometimes it’s good to check for something a little more fresh.

First off is a tough tune from the mighty Buju Banton, Buy Love on the Goldmine rhythm. This is classic Buju and it’s great to hear that he’s still got it in him. The rhythm is a seriously stripped down reggae rhythm (“reggae” meaning it’s got an off beat unlike modern dancehall) that is all drums and keyboard.

Also on this rhythm and equally fine is Money Man by Gyptian, but more of him later…

Next up is a solid roots style rhythm, Dubwise, unusually this features several artists who are normally to be found on more hardcore dancehall rhythms. Busy Signal provides the choice cut with the ganja tune Spliff Tail.

This rhythm is so strong on this that most of the cuts are worth checking, but don’t pass on the Beenie Man or the Lutan Fyah.

Finally is Satisfied, a rhythm which is remanisent of Lalabella from 10+ years ago, it’s maybe not quite as strong but is pretty damn close. Easily the stand out cut is Jah by Gyptian maybe a little overdramatic due to a bit too much reverb on the vocal but this is a solid tune all the same.

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