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Nuff Niceness: A Jammy's Mix « DanceCrasher

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      June 23, 2009, at 9:20 pm

      Nuff Niceness: A Jammy's Mix

      It’s been a while since I posted a mix so here’s another oldie from the pretty much unusable podomatic page. This time mid to late 80’s Jammys tunes, there is some great stuff here…


      Jammy'sWe No Want No Warrior – Junior Delgado (Jammy’s 7″)
      Clarkes Bootey – Little John (Jammy’s 7″)
      Police In England – Peter Metro (Greensleeves 12″)
      Ickie All Over – Wayne Smith (Greensleeves 12″)
      Life Story – Tonto Irie (Greensleeves 12″)
      Cool Down King Jammy’s – Frankie Paul (Live And Love 12″)
      Tune In – Cocoa Tea (Jammy’s 12″)
      Death Trap – Edi Fitzroy (Jammy’s 7″)
      Running Back To Me – Cultural Roots (Live & Love 12″)
      She Has Gone – Mike Brooks (Live And Love 12″)
      Devil Send you Come – Little Twitch (Super Power 12″)
      Idle Jack Horse – Chris Wayne (Jammy’s 7″)
      Bulls Eye – Brian And Tony Gold (Jammy’s 7″)
      Bombastic – Tiger (Live And Love 12″)
      Nuff Niceness – The Jayes (Jammy’s 7″)

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