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It's A Bellevue Special « DanceCrasher
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    June 29, 2009, at 12:21 pm

    It's A Bellevue Special

    Two more re-issue 7″s from Rock A Shacka in Japan. This time on replica Caribou labels.
    Up And Down/Ska 65 by The Mighty Vikings
    Bellevue Special/No More by Don Drummond

    The big news here of course is Bellevue Special, a Don Drummond scorcher that has been massively in demand for a long time.

    You can buy these direct from Rock-A-Shacka in Japan. From Germany at Copasetic or from Honest Jons in the UK.

    5 comments to It's A Bellevue Special

    • this Bootleg is on the WRONG label LOL, the don drummond song is a Coxsone prodcution on the CaribOO label, NOT the CaribOU. check out the labels scans on this site. So how come those japanese got it on a Dada Toari’s Caribou label?? hmmm i bet yuo the did not license it…. i am sure Carol Dodd is alread talking to her lawyers, so better buy this quick (or wait for the eminent official Coxsone re-release

    • hello Tim, now you’ve got me rethinking. Because RKR lists it as CARIBOO, same as this one: i had this label on my wanting list for a long time ( since i am a coxsone collector) and was very surprised to see it on Caribou.

      All other Caribou singles are more in a mento/calypso style and produced by Dada Touari, and this sounds very much like the skatalites , which makes me think Coxsone so how come this is on Caribou?

      see, that’s why i was thinking that some one jus put the wrong label on a bootleg. And if it is a Coxsone production, Carol Dodd would have been invloved i presume.

      but then again, the CariBOO singels seem to bee more from the pre-ska era(owen gray, cleu J)so it would be odd for coxsoen to revive this labelin 1964-65 ( which sound more like the era for this chune)

      And maybe it was a track that Douari licensed from coxsone to put out on his own label. or a one off ska recording he madewith the skatates.

      but i am not sure, as yuo say. most of the time those Japanese deal with legal matters more properly than most Jamaican or UK re-issuers.

      so please take off my copmment if you feel like it, because it seems i was too hasty in condemming this re-release.

    • Tim P

      Cheers for the response. I was thinking the same thing about the Coxsone Cariboo label which was also very early 60’s. To be honest I have no idea who produced Bellevue Special I’ve not seen any evidence that it’s Coxsone, except the claim in RKR (without a matrix) but maybe it is?

      I’ll delete the comment if you wish but the discussion is good so I’ll leave it if your OK with that?

    • please leave the comment, you never know maybe someone with all the answers reads it.

      i found this blank on popsike: BLANK[CARIBOO]/MATRIX # CR 23 – DON DRUMMOND [SKA INST]
      i dont know if its the same, because the listening function expired.

      as for the producer: to me it sounds very much like skatalites in studio one, more so than treasure isle or wirl; but then coxsone rented out the studio quite often.

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