August 22, 2009, at 8:13 am

Bad this year

Undisputed tune of the year so far has to go to Gappy Ranks for Put The Stereo On. Gappy has been on top of things with his tunes for the Peckings camp, especially the classic Heaven In Her Eyes but Put The Stereo take things in a different direction and to another level.

Gappy hasn’t had all the big tunes though. At the end of last year the Prison Oval Rock rhythm busted out, following on from Mr Vegas in the summer with the big big Mus Come A Road have been massive tunes from Collie Budz with Hustle and even better Me Nuh Follow Dem by Swedish artist Joey Fever. None of these are new of course but they can still move a crowd and shouldn’t be slept on.

Mr Vegas has had a real rennaisance in the last couple of years and has demonstrated that he is a mature and versatlie artist. He’s had plenty of hit’s of late but the one I really love is Old School Hustling that takes Herbman Hustling and turns it inside out in fine style. There are plenty of influnces on display here but it’s all good.

If there are any more new tunes carrying this kind of vibe then please let me know and they’ll get a mention.

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