October 14, 2009, at 9:57 pm

A stock label

This is pure trainspotter business I admit but I couldn’t resist a post. For sometime there has been a feature on DanceCrasher about what I called “stock” labels. These were basic coloured label designs used in the 1970’s that could be overprinted with one or more colours (usually black!) to give labels a more interesting and attractive look without producers having to worry about arranging for a full colour label design themselves. These stock designs could be a check design, a swirl or other basic pattern or design. Click on the images below to see the different pages of designs.

I’ve just been given the following scan from the very kind Jimmy Becker. This shows the two sides of a release by Big Youth on the Abysinnians Clinch label. This is pretty much unique as the labels are unused and as such show really well how the coloured pattern could be overprinted with the label and artist details.

Big Youth

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