March 21, 2008, at 12:14 pm


The Heatwave Crew have just released a compilation tracing 25 years of UK MC’s called An England Story. The double CD on Soul Jazz Records features a wide range of artists from Saxon’s hitmakers Tippa Irie and Papa Levi, groundbreaking UK Hip Hop from the London Posse and modern Dancehall crossover sounds.

Whilst more of the old school would have been welcome, Papa Levi’s Mi God Mi King is easily one of the strongest of the 21 tracks on the CD, there are enough quality cuts to make this well worth checking out. Heatwaves own production Things Change by Warrior Queen on a backing that owes more that a little credit to the Mad House Joyride rhythm is one such stand out.

If your not convinced then check to original Heatwave mix from 2006, the CD release was based on this



If you like this stuff also check the DanceCrasher podcast, also from 2006 that focussed on UK Dancehall productions from the late 80’s (though this concentrated on UK producers as opposed to exclusively UK artists).



Tracklist- Richie Davies – England We Deh (Unity) Selah Collins – Juggler (Unity) Little Clarkie – Selector Him Good (Jah Tubbys) Colonel Mitie – Bless the Selector (Jah Tubbys) Frankie Paul – A No Nutten (Fashion) Professor Nuts – Woman Deh Yah (Fashion) Papa Levi – Militancy (Jah Records) Junior Delgado – Bus I Skull (Fashion) Papa San – DJ Business (Fashion) Errol Bellot – A Weh Do She (Unity) Junior Frost – How Me Come A England (Up Tempo) Tippa Irie – Dance Up A Leeds (UK Bubblers) Cutty Ranks – The Stopper (Fashion) Bobo General – Original Stress (Blank)

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