December 19, 2008, at 9:36 am

Tighten Up Crew meet Downbeat Melody Soundsystem Sat 20th Brixton

Tighten Up

This saturday free from 10pm. Or you can pay a fiver and see Dawn Penn live and direct from 8.30pm.

The Tighten Up Crew will be there in full affect; Tim P, Mistah Brown and Champian. We’ll be alongside the Downbeat Melody Soundsystem and the mighty Steve The Hat.

Downbeat Melody features Steve Rice and Jeremy Collingwood. Steve used to run a sound in Brixton in the early 70’s and recorded a DJ tune that was released on Pama’s Unity label. Jeremy has had numerous books and articles about reggae published. The soundsystem is in the classic 70’s style, it features heavy duty valve amps alongside vintage boxes and horns including an original bass scoop from King Tubby’s Hometown Hifi straight from Kingston 11 to Brixton SW2.

This will be a (christmas) cracker!

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