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Psycho Rhythmic, a Studio One download « DanceCrasher
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    December 31, 2008, at 2:40 pm

    Psycho Rhythmic, a Studio One download

    Another Dancecrasher mix is rescued from the obscurity of Podomatic, this time Studio One style. Enjoy.


    Studio One mixYou’ll Want To Come Back – The Ethiopians (Studio One 7″)
    People Keep Quarrelling – Alton Ellis (Grooving With Bamboo LP)
    Sunday Coming – Alton Ellis (Studio One 7″)
    Sunday Version – Karl Bryan (Studio One 7″)
    A Get It – The Lyrics (UK Coxsone 7″)
    Change Of Plan – Joe Higgs (UK Studio One 7″)
    In Cold Blood #1 – Jackie Mittoo (Coxsone 7″)
    In Cold Blood #2 – Pablove Black (Forward 7″)
    We Have A Net – Larry & Alvin (Grooving With Bamboo LP)
    Suckey Get a Blow – The Actions (Coxsone 7″)
    Peanut Butter – Black And George (Coxsone 7″)
    Tit For Tat – Zoot Simms (Studio One 7″)
    One One – Delroy Wilson (Studio One Blank 7″)
    Psycho Rhythmic – Roland Alphonso (Money Disc 7″)
    Big Mistake – The Bassies (Get Ready Rocksteady LP)
    Music School – Sir Harry (Sir Harry Blank 7″)
    Sir D Special – Roland Alphonso (Studio One 12″)
    Frenemies – K.Vibes (Studio One 7″)

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