July 21, 2008, at 9:51 pm

Sleng Teng on the Wire

The latest issue of Wire magazine (the August one with Tricky on the front) has an interesting article on 80’s digital reggae. This is written by David Stelfox who is a bit of a rising star in reggae journalism having previously published decent articles in the Guardian, which in the past has been hostle and ignorant in it’s Jamaican music coverage.

The article gives a background (the usual Sleng Teng story) before looking at diffent production houses; Ujama, Jammy’s, Redman, Tubby’s, Steely & Cleevie, Music Works, Digital B, Penthouse. You can’t fault his selections though it’s a bit strange that LP’s are mentioned for some and 7″s for others.

All in all worth a look. While your checking it remind yourself what is great about the late 80’s with these DanceCrasher mixes:

Update. I’ve run out of bandwidth on the site I host the downloads on so these won’t be available till after the 11 August… sorry.
Redman Pt 1
Redman Pt 2
Jammy’s Pt 1
Jammy’s Pt 2

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