May 8, 2008, at 10:16 pm

Skacast #3

Don D39 years and 2 days after the death of Don Drummond seems like as good a time as any to mention that a Jamaican radio show apparently from 1969 and titled Don Drummond Requiem is doing the rounds on the internet.

Incase you cant find it; here it is:

This is a heavyweight bit of nostalgia…amazing stuff.

Respect to danielisaac over at the Chatty Mouth forum for the heads up on this.

4 comments to Skacast #3

  • Trombón P.R.

    Wow. Thanks for sharing and rescuing Don Drummond from obscurity in our Technological Era.

  • I’m working on a novel based on Don Drummond’s life and times (told from the perspective of a contemporary inmate at the Kingston asylum who’s lived assuming he was Drummond) Thanks for this resource

  • Prince Andrew

    Any chance of this becoming available to listen again? Anyone evry here the BBC radio documentry from around 20 years ago on ska? Love to hear that again. Thanks for sharing and producing this great blog.
    Nuff respect
    Prince Andrew

    • Tim P

      I’ll host this on my own webspace as soon as I can get it off podomatic. I’m looking to massively reduce the shows on podomatic so at least the ones that are there can be heard…

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