September 29, 2008, at 9:28 am

Saxon Studio meet Coxsone Outernational

The dance at Brixton Town Hall was rammed and pretty much lived up to expectations. The sound wasn’t great from either rig but this maybe more to do with the Hall than the actual sounds. Saxon wanted to run more deejays which is not surprising as they had Colonel, Sandy, Roger Robin and Papa Levi on hand. Sir Coxsone was less keen on MC’s (Smiley Culture took his mic at one stage but couldn’t be heard above the bass) and more interested in playing dubplates. The crowd was with Coxsone on this and apart from some great MCing earlier on (Roger Robin and Levi in combination on Mi God Mi King) it was mostly about dubplate specials.

Coxsone was probably strongest in this respect though he was a bit erratic, drawing roots tunes and then late 80’s specials with no real flow.

Both sounds got big forwards at different times and as the crowd demanded 1 for 1 at the end it did get more competitive though long speeches from Saxon broke the flow a little. All this for a tenner.. definitely money well spent.

Blacker Dread, Dennis Rowe and Festus after the dance, also watch out for Fatman in the background.

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